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Linguistic Matters is a Korean-English Language Service Provider. We deliver high-quality solutions to break down the language and cultural barriers experienced by English and Korean speakers in cross-lingual and cross-cultural communications.

Based in Silicon Valley, we specialize in Korean into English, English into Korean Translation with a strong emphasis on Clarity, Accuracy, Effectiveness, and Cultural Appropriateness. Also, we offer Korean Language & Cultural Training to companies and individuals for business purposes or personal interest. 

Our translation and language services are provided by a seasoned professional Korean-English linguist with strong linguistic and educational background and extensive experience in translation and language teaching.

Meet Our Linguist

Jinah Park

Founder / Korean English Language Specialist

Jinah was born and raised in South Korea and is a native speaker of Korean, currently living in the Bay Area of California. She studied English Language and Literature at Yonsei University, Seoul with a Bachelor of Arts awarded. To pursue her graduate study, she moved to the US and studied TESOL (Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages) at Teachers College of Columbia University in New York, where she received a Master of Arts. After years of experience in education and high tech industries, she started her translation career at LG Electronics' Silicon Valley-based R&D center as an in-house translator and provided various translation services for the whole organization for six years. There she was intensively engaged in a wide variety of translations in diverse fields of technology, business, product, marketing, finance and so on. She also held Korean language/culture training sessions for the non-Korean employees to facilitate communications with HQ in South Korea. 

With strong knowledge, extensive experience, and firm confidence as a Korean-English linguist, she founded Linguistic Matters LLC in 2019 aiming to provide the most accurate, clear, effective, audience-centered Korean-English translation in a culturally appropriate manner. In addition, with great enthusiasm and comprehensive knowledge of language teaching, she has always been eager to teach the Korean language and culture to those who want to learn them and properly understand Korean values. Therefore, in Linguistic Matters, Jinah offers the Business Korean and general Korean language and cultural training to companies/individuals interested in the Korean language and culture. 

Jinah has lived in the US for over 20 years – she is bicultural in Korean and American cultures as well. Also, she has been working in Silicon Valley from a US startup company to a large corporation of South Korea, and she is very familiar with business practice and culture of both the US and South Korea.

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Why Linguistic Matters


Culture Matters

We deeply understand Korean and American cultures, not only the languages. Language mirrors culture, and each language has its unique tones and styles that make a message effectively understood based on the culture.  We apply our knowledge of the two different cultures to our language services in order to successfully deliver original messages in a culturally appropriate way.

Audience Matters

A great original, but awkward, incomprehensible translation - that's a tragedy. We believe that well-done translation should always be effortlessly and clearly understood by the audience/readers without ambiguity while accurately capturing the original message. We care about the audience. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in every work produced by Linguistic Matters. 

Responsibility Matters

Unlike multi-language translation providers, we focus on Korean-English only. Our linguist, Jinah Park takes the ownership to sincerely provide high-quality translation and language services that are meticulously tailored to different individual contexts. By providing consistent, reliable, satisfying services, we aim to build a trustful long-term relationship with every client of us.

Confidentiality Matters

Your confidentiality significantly matters to us. Our linguist has demonstrated a strong work ethic as a professional translator dealing with highly confidential and sensitive documents with great care. From the first moment of requesting a quote, we will send you the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) form to be signed before viewing the documents to get a quote.

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